In John 10:10 Jesus tells the Pharisees (and us) what a meaningful life is.  He says, “I came that they might have life and might have it abundantly” (John 10:10).  In this context Jesus is explaining that he is the way to God, the Father, and only he (there is no other).  Jesus says that there are those who try to get to the Father by other ways – by obeying rules and regulations (like the Pharisees), by finding God within themselves, by finding God in everything, and by finding God in other religious ways – but they will not get there Jesus says.  In fact, he calls them robbers and thieves (10:1-2) because they are stealing people away leading them down a dead-end path.  Instead Jesus emphasizes that he is the way to find God, and finding God leads to an abundant and full (or meaningful) life.  We try to seek meaning in pleasures, riches and greed like the prodigal son did (Luke 15).  But he came back home to his Father (God) after tasting the sourness of a hedonistic life.  And God was waiting for him eagerly and welcomed his repentance from far off with great joy to see his son who was lost but now is found.  Are you lost or found?  To be found and have a full life all the son did was to turn away from his empty life and turn and walk into a personal relationship with Jesus trusting him to have paid the penalty for his offenses against God, the Father – past, present and future ones.  You can try other ways, but Jesus says, “I am the way …” (John 14:6).