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Calvin’s Institutes

Lesson Where in the Institutes? Themes Notes (misc)
Lesson 9: Book II ch 10-11 Covenant Theology: covenant of works, covenant of redemption. Calvin’s point here is that Christ and the gospel are in both the OT and NT. Christ is present in the words of promise e.g. Genesis 3:15 (the protoevangelium), under the signs and ceremonies of the OT and in the presence of the angel of the Lord. “law” = Christ in the OT, “gospel” = Christ in the NT. Christ and the gospel are known in both testaments. Christ as a shadowed outline in the OT, but shining brightly in the NT. Th e goal of the OT and NT are the same – to point people to Christ.
Lesson 10: Person of Christ – part 1 Book II ch 12-14 The Mediator must be God and man. Christ is man. Christ is one person. Even unfallen man would have needed a mediator (Christ) to sustain the order of the universe. Why did Christ become man – 1 Tim 1:15.
Lesson 11: Person of Christ – part 2 Book II ch 15-17 Christ the mediator of the covenant (15); Christ and his saving work (16-17)