Programme for Children

Hello!  I’m Sarah Fry and I organize the Childrens’ program at LCC.  Children are very, very important to the church.  We want children to have a positive experience learning about God and faith.  Therefore, the ministry is both fun and informative.  The goal is that the children will, through the knowledge of the gospel, learn to love God and love others as well as establish a biblical foundation which will lead them to an understanding of the gospel and serve them well especially in the teen years when peer pressure tends to be the greatest.  This ministry is carried out through our Connect Groups especially the Sunday Connect Group when children come to the Connect Group with their parents.  There is a special Children’s Time during the connect group in an adjacent room from the meeting.

About Sarah

Sarah oversees the Childrens’ Ministry.  Sarah has a degree in elementary education and loves to use her creativity especially in the area of crafts to bring the Bible alive.


If you have questions of any sort or regarding our safeguarding policies, please see our child protection policy page where you can download our Child Protection Policy document.