Please have a look at our Covid19 guidance.

Normally, we have all-church worship on Sunday at 4:30pm (see below). Also, we have house-groups at various other times during the week because we feel that it greatly benefits our fellowship and community with each other. We also observed that the early church as described in the Bible interestingly also met in home groups (Acts 2:42).

meeting time group Map
Sunday 4:30pm All-church worship at Darwin Hall. Darwin Hall is a community hall located in Lichfield near Waitrose and the Inkwell pub off Heathcot Place (WS13 6RQ). We have a time of worship, sharing, Bible study and refreshments afterwards. There is also a Kids Church during this time as well which runs concurrently in another room as the main meeting. Map>>
Thursday 8pm Online Advent Study. We are exploring the themes of Christmas Advent up until the 25th December 2021. Contact us for joining code.
Various Other groups besides the ones above are meeting at various times – please contact us to confirm dates and times.