Join us for this award-winning course which asks the big questions of life. It’s a way to explore the person of Jesus and why he came and why it is important. Who did he really claim to be? What hope does it bring? How can Jesus change my life for the good? Listen to Jesus’ own words about why he called us to follow him as we look at key parts of the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament thus going back to the source – what Jesus said about himself. Explore the provocative questions Jesus raises and the claims he makes. The course runs year-round. Register your interest. The format is that we first review and discuss our readings in the Gospel of Mark. Then we will watch a short video along with a discussion about it.

When:Thursdays 8 – 9pm starting 6th May 2021 – let us know you’re interested and we will send you the Zoom link.
What: An award-winning course designed for seekers to explore the Christian faith or for those who would like to renew their Christian faith
How:Zoom sessions online (we will send you the Zoom link)
Why:Meet Christ through the Gospel of Mark and join the discussion!
Who:Anyone can book a place on the course. This course is for those exploring faith or those who want to refresh their faith
Cost:Free, no cost!